Beers and Fears (2 book series)


by Tim Meyer (Author) , Chuck Buda (Author) , Frank Edler (Author) , Armand Rosamilia (Author) , Chuck Buda (Author) , Frank Edler (Author) , Armand Rosamilia (Author) , Tim Meyer (Author) , Dan Padavona (Introduction)

There’s an abandoned building in northern New Jersey with a rich, haunted history. Ghosts. Demons. Monsters of all kinds. It was once an asylum for the criminally insane, a craft brewery, and most recently – a decrepit eyesore that should have been demolished years ago. A place where evil dwells. A venue that feeds on the souls of all who enter.
It’s five o’clock somewhere, but here, it’s always just after midnight. So come. Have a drink. Just don’t stay too long. Because here, there is no last call.

Beers and Fears: The Haunted Brewery consists of four interconnected novellas.

No Fortunate Son – A Vietnam veteran comes home and finds a job at the local brewery. Between the shady, backroom business dealings and the menacing visions he’s experiencing, Blaze finds himself in a fight for his sanity… and his life.

Have a Drink on Me – A barfly discovers his new favorite spot might be harboring dark secrets… and a doorway to Hell.

Alternative – A motivated business owner tries to turn a derelict spot into a thriving craft brewery, but an eerie presence aims to end his progress… and lay claim to his soul.

The Last Taproom on the Edge of the World – A journalist investigates the history of the infamous haunted brewery. Each round could be his last as he discovers the terrible truth of Bayberry Bluff.

The authors (Chuck Buda, Frank Edler, Tim Meyer, Armand Rosamilia) embark on an annual book signing tour, BEERS AND FEARS, where they visit small craft breweries to promote their books. And drink beer. Mostly to drink beer, though.


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