The Gushers Series Box Set: Books 1-3: A Dark Occult Thriller


by Chuck Buda (Author), Jenny Adams (Editor)

All three thrillers in the hot-selling Gushers dark occult series.

“Full of surprises and draws you into the characters.”

Everyone knows someone like Aiden.

He’s quiet and shy and likes to go with the flow even if it means he gets used by his more popular classmates.

Then there’s Zoe. She wants all eyes focused on her. At all costs.

When a group of upper-middle class teenagers grow bored with privileged life, the popular students start a secret club. An exclusive membership requiring complete dedication…and depravity. Aiden stands up for the first time in his life, and his newfound bravery sets off a killing spree. The wealthy bedroom community is turned upside down and the killer is a teenager, a popular kid hiding in plain sight, and Aiden must save his friends before they die, one by one.

Can Aiden live long enough to stop the killing?

The page-turning dark occult thrillers that will leave fans of Edward Lee, Jack Ketchum, Charlaine Harris and Richard Laymon wanting more. From the author of Pay Up and Die.

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Praise for The Gushers Series:

“This book is primed for a trashy Showtime after dark b-movie romp.” – Frank Edler, Author of Scatterbrain

“Sex? Lots of it. Gore? Plenty. Violence and esoteric rituals? All part of this complete breakfast.” – Amazon Review

“Hoo boy, Chuck Buda has got a doozy for you.” – Michael Patrick Hicks, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Finalist

“Not for prudes or the faint-hearted. Perfect for escapism. – Amazon Review

“It showcased the vulnerability of youth, following the crowd blindly, not thinking ahead of what you are really getting yourself into and the consequence of your actions.” – Amazon Review

“I will be continuing the series after how attached I have gotten to the characters.” – Amazon Review

“Genre mashing that kept me wondering how it’d end.” – Amazon Review

“Buda does a nice job of character development and does some of his best writing with very vivid description of the “kill scenes” – Amazon Review

Buy this terrific value and read the complete series readers liken to Richard Laymon’s work.


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